Pamukkale is very beautiful and the inn is very beautiful and I do not know how to spell it. Believe in the morning after a stormy night and the last spring is a beautiful and extremely hot day morning tour guide and we have taken the path to Pamukkale with Ender Bey. Hirepolis Antique pool and PAmukkale open air museum are all on the list of world heritage list by Unesco and PAmukkale is bound to the border of Denizli province and it is bound to be constructed as a protected area of ​​half of Denizli province. You can not do whatever you want every time. In the end, firstly, the upper part of PAmukkale is Hirepolis, the lower part is the ancient pool and the last part is Open air museum. We started the Hirepolis with a Mercedes car and started a regular daily tour of PAmukkale. Although it is hilly here, it is built straight, and here the Greeks built an ancient city. That's where the little talar turkey tours

roads. From here you can see that the PAmukkale open air museum looks like a painting. Pamukkale Hirepolis was initially an active trade center of the Eastern Roman empire. How crowded and populer a city is measured here is the size of the ancient theater. There is a theater hall here, and here is the place where stalls known as pits stole here. It is so beautifully restored that there is a much better sound and acoustics system in the concert and show rooms that are still very modern when needed. A theater and a show made as 100,000 people, and even here, the night is very colorful and very different lighting is done. There are temples which are a necessity of Pagan religion which is used much in ancient Greek times. The temple is usually seated on 4 marble columns. The king's square and the marble Private istanbul tours columns and sculptures are found here. Anyway before the day was finished we headed towards the ancient pool of Pamukkale clopatra.