After Bursa, we headed towards Cappadocia after our tour program. In all the trips we do, our agents, Ender Bey, have been extremely helpful to us. Traveling around a ruin in a city. what impressed us is that events that are historical happen will change very much from those that are the scenes. CAPPADOCIA is a place with a steppe and if this place is special, Cappadocia is formed after the evaporation of lava from Hasan DAĞ evaporation. CAppadocia is spread over a very large area. This gorgeous cappadocia has cave hotels in the Urgup region. Cappadocia has two types of hotels. Made from classic standard cargo. Cappadocia is peculiar to the cave hotel, so it is hard to believe that this is a cave hotel so I do not think this is the wife of the world. People in the past he lives here and hides the animals here. Especially the boutique hotels that do not have a lot of cave hotels. summer is cool
There was a nail system. Very classic Anatolian motifs are used Private turkey tours in furniture and furnitures. On the 2nd day of our trip with Cappadocia we totally reserved CAppadocia daily tour. In the early morning of CAPPADOCIA we went to the Cappadocia open air museum with private car from the hotel. Believe the outdoor museum of CAppadocia is very spacious. And here are the world's greatest underground cities. These are Derikuyu, There are hidden caves and hidden churches. The reason for this is that people hid religious worship here in order to hide from Roman soldiers. so that Derinkuyu has 7 floors and 5,000 people are hiding here. Only bread has survived with water and wine. Cappadocia is famous for its vineyards. Every family used to produce their own wine. Finally here There were hidden cave churches. People are not allowed to make religion comfortable during the Roman empire. For this reason, hidden cave churches are made. In the churches there are very beautiful religious motifs and paintings.